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Ghrub II


A shallow shelter located along the right bank of the middle course of the Wadi Teshuinat at the confluence with Wadi In Ehed, near Site ID 591. The site, known as Ghrub II, was discovered and documented by Mori in the 1950s. A selection of paintings was reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collection: a synoptic panel of Round Heads and subjects from Ghrub I (Site ID 580) and Ti-n-Abrukin (Site ID 578). The shelter’s rear wall comprises several adjoining paintings mainly attributable to the Round Heads style, with a few Pastoral motifs and possibly a later painting. A few Tifinagh characters were carved over some of the older paintings. The motifs exclusively represent human figures. The Round Heads motifs were either rendered in simple contour (one subject) or fully colored (seven subjects). The first one holds an object, possibly a sort of mace, while one of the fully colored humans seems to wear a headdress. On the left end side of the panel there are red traces no longer identifiable. In the same area, the Pastoral or Horse/Bitriangular figure of an archer displays a complex hairstyle/headdress and a highly defined, detailed face. On the panel’s right end side there was a complex scene now scarcely visible as it is covered with a natural whitish patina. The scene contains about twenty small elongated red humans, possibly representing hunting or fighting. On a fallen boulder there is a carved cow highly damaged likely owing to natural processes. Several grooves and kettles are visible on a boulder located in front of the shelter.