Site name

An open-air site located on the westernmost area of the Wadi Takarkori near Site ID 730. A dense cluster of rock art comprising mostly recent petroglyphs and few paintings is visible on a group of boulders and inside a small shelter. On the west-facing boulders there are many petroglyphs representing a human figure, a hand, a few sandal-like shapes, and other illegible signs. On the northeast-oriented boulders we can see traces of red paint, several Tifinagh inscriptions, and at least three barely preserved undetermined petroglyphs. On the east-facing boulder there are partially overlapping Tifinagh inscriptions, sandal motifs, and zoomorphic petroglyphs including ostriches, horses, cattle, and camels. On the same boulder we can also see a Tuareg game. On the shelter’s wall, a few red paintings depicting small bitriangular humans and at least one cow with prominent udders. Several black Arabic writings partially cover the red humans.