The Atlas includes the rock art sites from the Tadrart Acacus and Messak, grouped by sub-areas.

The sites are presented through synthetic forms including a brief description, general information about the artworks and their context plus a selection of images.

In particular, the general information is gathered in six main sets of data for each site:

  • Identification and location – i.e. information about the location of the site, including local name when known*.
  • Position and geomorphology – i.e. information about the geographical and geomorphological settings.
  • Site and landscape – i.e. information about physical characteristics and position in the surrounding landscape.
  • Main rock art features – i.e. information on to the main characteristics of rock art.
  • Other archaeological information – i.e. information about the archaeological context.
  • Data source – including information about raw data origin and further readings.

Each category of data has its own vocabulary (see glossary).


*Local names of localities, wadis and sites (when known) are reported employing the transliteration used in di Lernia and Zampetti 2008 for the Tadrart Acacus.