Site name

A rock shelter located in the easternmost area of the Wadi Bubbu. The site contains paintings and petroglyphs from different periods, grouped into sixteen panels arranged on three surfaces. Surface 1 corresponds to the main wall and consists of eight panels with carved and pecked Tifinagh inscriptions, a few Pastoral petroglyphs, and a panel with red Horse/Bitriangular and Camel pictograms (Panel 0*). The pictograms represent a large scene with elongated bitriangular humans in different sizes and postures holding elongated sticks. Among the petroglyphs, a giraffe, and a cow (on Panels 3 and 6, respectively) are deeply carved in Tazina style. Surface 2 corresponds to the left portion of the shelter. Five panels contain pecked and carved Tifinagh inscriptions and several grooves. Surface 3, on the bedrock, is composed of three panels with highly eroded pecked and carved Tifinagh inscriptions.

* Since this panel was not included in the description of the 2009 activities, we namedit Panel 0 to preserve the original designations of the other panels.