Site name
Toponym(s) of the site

Afozzigiar II


A large rock shelter known as Afozzigiar II, located on the right bank of the Wadi Afozzigiar, opposite Site ID 670. The site was discovered in the 1960s and its reproduction is in the Mori Collection. The back wall contains two adjacent panels with Round Heads and Pastoral artworks, which have been greatly damaged by natural processes of erosion and exfolia- tion and by anthropogenic actions such as wetting and pecking. Panel 1, on the right, shows a large antelope moving toward the right facing a group of small-sized humans similar in shape and size to another group of figures visible below the animal. All the paintings are in red. Further to the right next to a crack on the wall, a second panel includes a large painted scene with dozens of very faded yellow and red humans partially overlapped by pecked petroglyphs. The paintings represent humans in different positions possibly engaged in plant gathering, while the petroglyphs depict zoomorphic motifs (Barbary sheep?), stylized humans, and indistinguishable figures. A third panel containing a carved giraffe is located on the vertical surface of a fallen boulder outside the shelter. Near the site there are several archaeological remains, kettles, and stone structures attesting to the numerous dwelling phases of the shelter.