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Afozzigiar V


A rock shelter known as Afozzigiar V located along the right margin of the Wadi Afozzigiar. The shelter’s back wall is very damaged and contains numerous paintings on five registers. The top register contains two herds of red and white cattle positioned at the extremities of the surface with a blank area in the middle. The herd on the left comprises eight left-facing red and white cattle arranged on three partially overlapping levels; three of the cattle lack horns. The herd on the right contains eight white hornless cattle with red coat color: all except one face left. A herder’s head with an elaborate hairstyle is visible above the second cow at the top. This panel was reproduced on a chipboard panel in the Mori Collection. The other registers contain probably recent highly damaged red and white paintings representing humans (Panels 2, 3, and 4) and animals (not always identifiable) including cattle and antelopes. In front of the wall there are a few fallen boulders containing several cupules.