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Afozzigiar I


A large rock shelter located on the first terrace above the left bank of the Wadi Afozzigiar, opposite Site ID 681. The site, named Afozzigiar I, has been known since the 1960s and was partially reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collection. The rock surface and the paintings have been damaged by natural processes and anthropogenic actions. The latter (wetting and tracing with graphite) are related to modern reproduction. The vault contains one of the most famous Round Heads scenes (Panel 1) possibly representing a human couple (male and female) hold- ing various objects. The human on the left (the female?) holds a pestle (?); both humans hold a basket or a mortar with plants (?) in the center; the right-hand human (the male?) holds a bow in his hand and what appears to be the remains of a basket. On the right, three panels contain very faded polychrome paintings representing humans in different positions. Panel 2 displays at least three red humans: the biggest one holds a bow and arrow and faces two smaller humans. Panel 3 contains a similar scene with only two visible yellowish humans. Panel 4 contains two red human heads. On the back wall, Panel 5 comprises a red hu- man figure partially damaged by a crust and a smaller, scarcely visible figure between its legs. Panel 6, on the right wall, con- tains an isolated whitish hand stencil. A few petroglyphs, includ- ing a stylized cow and several Tifinagh inscriptions, are visible on the surface of a fallen boulder (Panel 7). Some cupules are present as well.