Site name
Toponym(s) of the site

T-Anshal-t II


A small rock shelter known as T-Anshal-t II located on the left bank of the Wadi T-Anshal-t not far from Site ID 663. The site was partially reproduced on one of the composite chipboard panels in the Mori Collection. The shelter’s vault contains a panel of paintings which were greatly damaged by natural and anthropogenic processes – the latter mainly referring to reproduction activities such as wetting and tracing with graphite. Three red painted subjects are still visible: a couple of cattle facing each other and, to their right, a nearly invisible, red-contoured human moving left. Traces of red paint are also visible above the right cow and below the entire scene. These subjects seem to be attributable to different phases of the Pastoral period. A second panel on an external boulder’s vertical surface contains an isolated petroglyph representing an anthropomorphic figure (Bes/Djinun?). Kettles and cupules are scattered around the site.