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Anshal III


A shallow rock shelter next to Site ID 640. The site contains faded (nearly invisible) paintings covering an approximately 20-meter-long panel behind huge fallen rock slabs. The first panel containing traces of the long polychrome subject is on the left: it is the only remaining vestige of a complex artwork characterized by red contours, yellowish fillings, and white-grid drawings surrounded by small patches of color. On the right, the famous scene known as Anshal III and reproduced on on chipboard panel and one canvas in the Mori Collection is badly preserved. The scene comprises a large, red-contoured human with yellow filling and white-grid decorations on his left leg; a female figure with white orna- mentation and a sort of red headdress; a smaller, red-contoured human with red-striped filling. An additional human is barely visible on the right side and few red paintings with cattle are visible on the right end side. The massive stone block in front of the wall contains a carved ichthyo- morphic motif and a few Round Heads petroglyphs, while a carved lion was recorded on a small boulder nearby.