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In Ehed I


A rock shelter located on the left bank of the Wadi In Ehed, a right branch of the Wadi Teshuinat. The site, known as In Ehed I, contains several pictograms arranged on three panels and partially reproduced on one of the chipboard panels of the Mori Collection. In the center of the rear wall, the main panel displays an isolated black and white cow facing left. The motif is faded owing to both natural processes and repetitive wettings for documen- tation. On the right, the second panel includes a series of white or red camels in varying degrees of stylization and a red giraffe with a long rope hanging from her neck. The third panel is located at the bottom left side of the wall and contains a few faded red paintings depicting a stylized human raising a long stick (probably a lance) and other unrecognizable motifs.