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In Farden


A large rock shelter, known as In Farden, located on the right bank of the Wadi Teshuinat with large fallen boulders partially covering the entrance. The rear wall and part of the vault contain a large quantity of Round Heads, Pastoral, and Camel paintings representing isolated animals or complex scenes (mostly hunting). The state of conservation is critical owing to natural processes and anthropic actions such as the documentation and reproductions executed in the 1960s. Indeed, this site is one of the settings reproduced on a composite canvas in the Mori Collections. The Round Heads motifs occur on two documented panels on the left side of the shelter and include at least one sizeable human figure in the palimpsest that comprises an ostrich hunting scene (Panel 1) and an unrecognizable motif in a dark greenish color (Panel 2). Overhead and to the right, several red paintings represent a Barbary sheep hunting scene with Uan Amil-type humans holding bows and arrows, dogs, and other zoomorphic figures that may include a feline (Panel 4). Barbary sheep are also the predominant animals on Panels 5 and 6, where they are depicted together with other animals including felines, giraffes, and other unrecognizable motifs. Below Panel 4, Panel 3 includes one of the most famous scenes of the Pastoral period representing a human in Uan Amil style and a finely painted goat. Kettles and cupules are scattered around the site.