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A rock shelter known as Ti-n-Tagaghit, located on the left bank of the Wadi Teshuinat, not far from the Uan Amil Cave (Site ID 575). Un- til 2008, the site was known as Teshuinat VI. This site contains several Late Pastoral, Horse/Bitriangular, and Camel paintings that were partially reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collection in the 1960s together with the archer and the Garamantian chariot from Ti-n-Abrukin (Site ID 578). The paintings’ state of conservation is critical owing to erosion processes and constant retouching over the centuries. At least eight panels contain representations of wildlife (giraffes, ostriches, Barbary sheep) and domestic animals (camels and cattle). Humans are also represented in many styles although the red Horse/ Bitriangular subjects seem to predominate. On the left there is a remarkable Barbary sheep hunting scene with humans and cattle (Panel 2). In the center of the wall there are two red and white humans, possibly women, wearing elaborated headdresses (Panel 4). Two chariots are also represented on the right side of the wall: the first is finely painted although extremely faded (Panel 7), while the second seems to be a more recent, roughly painted copy (Panel 8). Kettles and cupules are scattered on the floor.