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Uan Afuda


The Uan Afuda cave on the left bank of the Wadi Kessan, a left branch of the Wadi Teshuinat. It is located about 1 kilometer north of Kessan I-II (Site ID 565). The cave, excavated in the 1990s, provides key evidence for the Early Holocene occupation of the Sahara region. The wall’s southern side contains a cluster of Round Heads paintings depicting humans, Barbary sheep, a snake, and other unidentifiable subjects. The paintings were reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collection. The state of conservation is precarious owing to erosion processes, Hymenoptera nests, and anthropogenic activities related to their reproduction and conservation (wetting, graphite tracing, use of the thermoplastic resin Paraloid). A few eroded petroglyphs are also visible.