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Uan Hararigh


A large rock shelter known as Uan Hararigh located over the left bank of the Wadi Senaddar not far from Site IDs 493 and 494. The shelter’s left wall displays a cluster of paintings and petroglyphs that were partially reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collection. The paintings are extremely faded owing to natural and anthropogenic processes: the latter are mainly related to copying (wetting and tracing with graphite). The archaeological deposit is partially preserved. The artworks are distributed at various heights. Above the present floor there are carved linear and zoomorphic petroglyphs, including giraffes. Camel-style paintings possibly alluding to a battle are visible in the same area about 1 meter over the floor. On the right side, toward the back wall above the Camel-style paintings (about 1.5 meters over the present floor) one can see a group of six dark red-tailed archers apparently moving downhill. On the left side, about 2 meters over the floor, there is a group of red and white climbing antelopes and at least two cattle. The latter, barely recognizable, were perhaps associated with a pastoral scene now no longer visible. A deeply carved giraffe is visible on the left end side of the site.