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In Eidi I


A rock shelter known as In Eidi I, located along one of the left branches of the Wadi Senaddar. The site contains several pictograms in different styles, including Pastoral, Horse/Bitriangular, Camel, and Modern Camel, clustered on five panels located in different sections of the site. A selection of the paintings was reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collection. The most interesting panel (Panel 2) is located on the shelter’s left side and contains an intricate multi-layered palimpsest of paintings. The oldest layer (Layer 1) comprises a herd with several red and white cattle possibly associated with two white Ti-n-Lalan-type humans with red details. A second layer of paintings (Layer 2) is quite visible on the top left corner of the wall: five finely painted female figures in the Horse/Bitriangular style with clothing and adornments possibly engaged in a domestic activity. A white ostrich is depicted in the center of the scene. Layer 3, including very faded red bitriangular humans, is barely visible. A series of white animals, including ostriches and other unrecognizable subjects, is visible at the bottom of the panel. Panel 1, on the vault and to the left of Panel 2, contains several late paintings representing a domestic scene with a female inside a hut amidst stylized bitriangular humans and a cow. The other panels are located on the shelters’ right side and comprise late scenes with camels and the probable representation of an oasis. Other, more recent paintings are also visible in the innermost part of the shelter. The archaeological deposit is partially preserved, and several cupules are scattered on the floor.