Site name

A site on the left bank of the Ti-n-Lalan area bordering the eastern margin of the etaghas. The site consists of a portion of rock wall and two fallen boulders with petroglyphs, including Tifinagh inscriptions and figurative Camel and Modern Camel motifs. A first, large fallen boulder contains a panel with two areas of pecked and carved Tifinagh inscriptions and numerous petroglyphs on its vertical surface. The figures most often represented are humans riding camels and horses or holding sticks/weapons. The middle of the panel contains a Barbary sheep hunting scene showing the hunted animal, dogs, and humans, as well as several fighting scenes among humans. The second boulder contains a smaller panel with Tifinagh inscriptions on its oblique upper surface. A third panel, located on the portion of the cliff wall facing the boulders, contains a long Tifinagh inscription and two figurative motifs depicting a human and a camel. The human holds two sticks in one hand and the camel’s bridle in the other.