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An open-air site located along the Ti-n-Lalan area, an affluent of the Wadi Senaddar, on the northeastern border of the etaghas. It is a massive cliff with a complex palimpsest of superimposed petroglyphs from different periods and in different styles covering three adjoining walls. First published in 1956 by Mori, this site is one of the settings damaged in 2009 when extensive writings were sprayed on the wall’s left side. The petroglyphs show zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs and are attributable to diverse eras spanning from to the Pastoral period to more recent occupancies. Pastoral motifs include an elephant, several ostriches, and a series of erotic scenes with a rare example of engraved Ti-n-Lalan-type herder. All the motifs have been re-pecked and modified several times. Horse/Bitriangular style subjects comprise a group of bitriangular humans (possibly females) and giraffes. Camel style figures include stylized humans and camels. While Tifinagh and Arabic inscriptions are visible everywhere on the rock surfaces, a high concentration of them can be seen on the left wall.