Site name
Toponym(s) of the site

Ti-n-Lalan II


A rock shelter located along the right bank of the Ti-n-Lalan area, a left branch of the Wadi Senaddar. The site, known as Ti-n-Lalan II, was discovered during the first exploration campaign in the region and partially reproduced on two canvases in the Mori Collection. It contains one of the most important painting complexes of the entire massif: a finely painted Pastoral scene covering the shelter’s back wall composed of over twenty red and white bovids and two herders. Mori used these two herders to define a specific regional form of the Pastoral style ( Ti-n-Lalan). A second painted panel on the left includes a scene with fully red Uan Amil-type humans. The paintings were badly damaged by human actions and natural causes and were barely visible, especially Panel 2. This Pastoral masterpiece, however, is now ostensibly lost forever. All the paintings were vandalized with black spray-paint in 2009. The archaeological deposit is still partially preserved.