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Rock walls at the entrance of the guelta of Inazauan, on the northern side of the Wadi Raharmellen fluvial system. Three small panels with highly eroded Tifinagh characters are barely detectable on the right side. The facing walls contain three intricate panels: Panel 1, immediately above the water level, shows highly eroded Tifinagh inscriptions. Panel 2, in the center, consists of well-preserved pecked and carved Tifinagh inscriptions and at least one ancient petroglyph of a cow with a dark varnish. Panel 3 includes a Tifinagh inscription, a palm tree, and three stylized anthropomorphic figures with raised hands overlapping an ancient layer of zoomorphic motifs (cattle and/or gazelles) probably dating to the late Pastoral period. Along the path to the guelta, a few highly damaged red Pastoral pictograms representing cattle and possibly humans are on the back wall of a rock shelter.