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A large cliff wall along the Wadi Raharmellen with a dense concentration of Tifinagh and Arabic inscriptions and Camel style petroglyphs. The main surface (Surface 1) contains the bulk of the traces grouped into three panels. Panel 1, in the center and on the right side of the wall, includes different layers of Tifinagh and Arabic inscriptions and two groups of camels. The first group, at the bottom right of the panel, contains two images of camels with riders. The human eight-shaped figures hold an elongated object (possibly a spear or lance). Below, on the right and the left sides, three further camels and riders are rendered in different styles as is the last isolated camel at the right end side of the wall. An additional layer of pecked motifs, smaller in size and covered with a lighter varnish, overlaps both the Tifinagh inscriptions and the large camel figures. On the right, three pairs of camels and two human figures. On the lower left side of the surface, Panel 2 includes an assorted set of pecked camels and a few ostriches. Panel 3, at the top of the wall, contains several Tifinagh inscriptions. Surface 2 corresponds to the adjacent vertical surface and contains only Tifinagh inscriptions and modern scratches.