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A site located along the Wadi Taluaut near a traditional well. It is part of a cluster of sites located on the eastern edge of the massif that includes Site ID 280 to Site ID 290. Tifinagh and Arabic inscriptions and a few figurative petroglyphs were pecked and carved over large areas of the rugged cliff wall facing the wadi and on the surfaces of several fallen boulders. All the surfaces are extremely eroded. Past surveys have recorded twenty-four surfaces for a total of 158 panels classified according to the distribution of the Tifinagh inscriptions. Figurative petroglyphs were pecked on eight surfaces and present varying states of preservation. Camels with or without riders are the most repre- sented motifs and occur as isolated animals (i.d., Surface 2 – Panel 2; Surface 6 – Panel 3; Surface 10 – Panel 1; Surface 11; Surface 13 – Panel 2; Surface 14) or in groups (Surface 5 – Panel 1; Surface 6 – Panel 11; Surface 11). Other Pastoral style motifs are barely visible and include an elephant (Surface 5 – Panel 15), a giraffe partially covered by a Bes/ Djinun figure (Surface 22 – upper portion) and other unrecognizable subjects (i.e., Surface 6 – Panel 10).