Site name

An isolated hill along the bank of the Wadi Taluaut, on the massif’s eastern edge. It is the westernmost site with petroglyphs in a cluster found on the route to a traditional well (09/097 - 09/105). Twenty-seven panels with petroglyphs are located on four of the hill’s surfaces. Surface 1 and Surface 2 are the walls perpendicular to the wadi; Surface 3 is the bedrock at the base of these surfaces; Surface 4 is the wall facing the wadi bank. All these panels present Tifinagh inscriptions in differing degrees of concentration; the inscriptions are both pecked and pecked and carved. On Surface 2, the inscriptions are framed by pecked lines. A few panels also include some figurative representations: camels (Surface 2 panels - 4 and 9; Surface 4 - Panel 1; Surface 4 - Panel 1) and sandals (Surface 3 - Panel 11). Only three figures on the Surface 3 belong to the Pastoral period: at least a couple of giraffes and a third, indeterminate animal. They are highly eroded and have been re-pecked in recent times. Modern writings are visible on Surface 1 - Panel 3.