Site name

An open-air site on the easternmost course of the Wadi Tanganghor, on the edge of the massif. It consists of a large boulder on the wadi bank with a broad vertical surface comprising three panels of pecked Tifinagh inscriptions and figurative Camel motifs. Panel 1, on the left, includes a few Tifinagh inscriptions. Panel 2, in the center, has Tifinagh inscriptions, an unidentified motif, and an isolated human riding a camel and holding a possible spear or lance. The human is rendered schematically: legs stretched on the camel’s neck, one arm holding the weapon and the other the camel’s reins. Panel 3, on the right, is the largest one and includes Tifinagh and Arabic inscriptions and a possible fighting scene. Seven camels with stylized riders holding long straight objects, possibly spears or lances, face one another. An isolated human holding a rounded object, probably a shield, is depicted at the right extremity of the scene. An indeterminate animal, possibly a horse or camel, is depicted in the middle portion of the scene.