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A guelta along the Wadi Ti-n-Tararit. The surfaces of the rock walls leading to the guelta are dotted with petroglyphs. A total of twenty-seven panels have been documented. Surface 1 corresponds to the right wall facing the guelta, opposite Surface 2. The majority of its panels include only Tifinagh inscriptions and are in differing states of preser- vation; owing to erosion, some are hardly visible. There are a few, very recent, Arabic writings on some panels of Surface 1 (i.e., panels 6 and 15). Surface 2 has three adjacent panels with figurative petroglyphs: Panel 3 shows two riders facing each other, represented in different styles. Both humans have raised arms and hold elongated objects, possibly spears or lances. The right figure, shown riding a horse, has depicted legs and an apparent weapon with a long blade. The second figure, facing the first one, is more schematic. The absence of discernible legs, the figure’s posture, the presence of two lines reminiscent of the typical Tifinagh saddle, and the animal’s head all suggest that the animal might be a camel shown without its hump. The figure on the left was likely added to create a fighting scene. Panel 4 includes several Tifinagh inscriptions partially covering a giraffe hunting scene: a rider aiming an elongated object at a highly stylized pecked giraffe. The right side of the scene is indistinct. Panel 5 seems to show a pecked giraffe at the bottom. The possible existence of other figurative petroglyphs no longer visible cannot be disregarded.