Site name

A shallow guelta along the Wadi Tejleteri, a narrow northern branch of the Wadi Raharmellen. The site contains a significant number of petroglyphs on fifteen different surfaces, for a total of thirty-five panels. The petroglyphs are located on the rock walls surrounding the guelta (Surfaces 1-5) and on boulders or slabs found on the ground (Surfaces 6-15). All the panels have pecked or pecked and carved Tifinagh inscriptions in differing states of conservation: from well-preserved to extremely eroded. A few Arabic inscriptions are visible; the longest one is on Surface 5 – Panel 1. Figurative petroglyphs are visible on six panels and are attributable to the Camel style. In some instances, it is possible to recognize a caravan (i.e., on Surface 2 – Panel 1) or fighting scenes (Surface 4 – Panel 2). Isolated camels with or without riders are visible as well (i.e., on Surface 2 – Panel 2 or Surface 8 – Panel 1). There is only a single instance of a highly stylized horse rider (Surface 5 – Panel 1) represented here.