Site name
Toponym(s) of the site

Teshuinat II


A large rock shelter known as Teshuinat II located at the confluence between the Wadi Teshuinat and the Wadi Kessan. The site was discovered in the 1950s and partially reproduced on one of the canvases in the Mori Collections. The shelter wall contains three panels of paintings. The main panel is located about 4.5 meters above the present-day floor and contains a dense concentration of Pastoral style paint- ings representing herding activities with a varied and finely painted herd including calves and human activities mostly clustered on the left side of the panel. A milking scene is depicted on the left side of the panel. The paintings are very faded, but the variegation of color (white, red, and yellow) is still visible. A few later paintings representing cattle were added at the center of the panel. The other panels are located at the bottom of the site and include more recent Pastoral motifs. Panel 2 shows a couple of white painted humans and a couple of cattle, while Panel 3, on the right, includes a red cow and the hind legs of a white cow.